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Music and light are the key components in creating the right atmosphere.

UPstage180 speaker designed with soothing light and build-in mood ambiences, creates a relaxing atmosphere with single touch that gets you away from the daily noises and stresses.


UPstage180 combines soothing music and soft lighting with a streamlined design,

blending perfectly with modern household aesthetics. It can be mounted on a wall or set on a flat surface, matching seamlessly with different household decorations and styles while delivering powerful and crisp clear music.


Music is an invisible component that is key to creating the right environment. In addition to flawless music delivery, UPstage180 also features multiple mood settings that are selectable through its app. It uses soundwave frequency adjustments to generate resonance between the music and the body, allowing you to experience bird songs in the wild forest, waves over the deep sea, or the coziness of a rainy day. UPstage180 creates a calming atmosphere that promotes deep sleep, relaxation and even meditation. 


The forest and bird ambiance is a much-loved situational sound effect by UPstage360 users. In addition to creating the relaxing mood of natural forest, randomized clear calls from various types of birds can effectively activate ideas, stimulate creativity and enable inspiration.

If you would like to pair this sound effect with music, we recommend playing it in the background with country, folk or classical music.


The rainy day sound effect, with the patter of falling raindrops, can cancel out background noise and promote relaxation. This effectively relieves tension and helps you fall asleep. This is a neutral sound effect and blends well with any type of music.


The deep-sea sound effect generated by the 40hz low-frequency ocean currents and air bubbles creates a tranquil underwater atmosphere, suitable for sleeping, meditation, yoga, stress relief and reading.

For your first time hearing this sound effect, we recommend playing it with jazz, blues or New Age music.


TWS 環繞音場


WCT 多台串聯

UPstage180 combines 48 LED light bulbs with a micro-structure PMMA light guide plate, which is used in LCD monitors, to create a soft and soothing light that projects a warm, relaxing vibe.

UPstage180 uses 3,500K low-color temperature for the LED bulbs to replicate the atmosphere of a warm, natural and comfortable glowing sunset.


You can customize the light settings for UPstage180 by adjusting the brightness and choosing between 3 different operating modes—eternal, breathing, and flicker.

This allows you to enjoy the perfect environment for your mood.  


We work with Soundmatters and BDNC, the industry leaders in the design and electroacoustic measurement, to bring you the latest in technology and material engineering.

UPstage180 features a Linear Magnetic Drive Twoofer, a high-power, flat glass speaker driver, and ingeniously-developed acoustic compass design. At only ¼ the size of the classic bookshelf speaker, you’re guaranteed music in Hi-Res—that’s pure, crisp and authentic.


UPstage180 is the world’s first speaker using a high-power, flat glass woofer. It has the highest response speed in the industry with a 0.2mm glass diaphragm and the highest excursion-to-thickness Index. UPstage180 rapidly and steadily generates sound waves over a large area, creating a powerful and solid bass that can reach down to 60Hz, providing you more realistic and true bass sound while maintaining a compact speaker size.


Twoofer by Soundmatters is both a tweeter and a woofer—it is the world’s first single device produced by carbon fiber injection technology with sound-enhancing capabilities on both ends of the audio spectrum.

The Twoofer is ultra-thin—yet sturdy—with a 0.2mm carbon fiber diaphragm which contributes to the enhanced sound quality. It can quickly generate sound waves without the interference of rocking modes common in other transducers. This produces balanced and clean audio output - true hi-fi, full range sound. 

UPstage180  Sound Analysis 


UPstage180 integrates 2 carbon fiber Twoofers and a high-power flat glass woofer in acoustic compass design. 

We tested UPstage180 with dB-Lab 210, the latest Klippel R&D system, and found that it provides a distortion-free sound experience with <5% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). Compared to other speakers of the same size, UPstage180 is much better at reproducing the original tone and timbre to best reproduce the feeling and emotion of music. 


UPstage180 has efficient speakers that reach 92dB, projecting sound evenly throughout a 180° soundstage to create a listening "sweet zone". You will hear the same crystal-clear sound wherever you are in the room.

This enables UPstage180 to provide a high-quality sound experience in a variety of different room layouts.


UPstage180 uses Microchip BM 83 with Bluetooth 5.0 to support LDAC 24-bit/96 kHz Hi-Res audio and maintain a reliable connection.


UPstage180 is equipped with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) and Bluetooth Wireless Concert Technology (WCT) so that you can connect multiple UPstage180 speakers to create your ideal indoor sound experience.


Just like your TWS earphones, using two UPstage180 speakers with its proprietary app will automatically assign left and right channels to the two units, creating an immersive stereo sound experience.  


WCT allows users to use a broadcast party mode, connecting your speakers seamlessly via Bluetooth so that they play the same music throughout your home. 

Reviews of UPstage180 - Taipei Listen Session

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