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360 PEAK envelops you, friends and family in audiophile-grade high-resolution sound…virtually anywhere, providing:

● Exclusive 3-way tri-amplified system, engineered by Soundmatters 

● 360° Hi-Res sound with vertical & horizontal soundstage 

● 40Hz- 40kHz ultra-wide frequency range 

● Bluetooth (incl lossless aptX) transmissions

● Built-in nature sounds – listen with or without your favorite music 

● Enjoy your favorite music - wired or streamed 

● Portability with rechargeable 8 -12 hours battery life

Combining portability with audiophile-grade sound.
— 360 PEAK has it all


Traditional Speakers

 Have a Narrow Listening “SWEET SPOT”

360 Peak


The transmission of high frequency sound waves (aka treble) are much more directional than the mid and low frequencies. This creates a best listening experience at a specific angle and position relative to the speaker, known as the sweet spot. 

For this reason, a traditional music system or home theater, usually delivers best sound when the listener is seated centered directly between the front (or in a home theater, the center), speaker(s) ideally angled directly at your ears.  Move off this narrow sweet spot and the quality of the sound plummets. 

The 360 Peak upgrades you from a traditional sweet spot to a room-filling 360-degree “sweet zone”,  projecting output evenly in an omnidirectional soundstage, immersing all listeners in consistent high-resolution audio, whether standing, sitting or lying,  in your room, on a yoga mat,  deck, or at a campsite. 

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Our solution to providing great sound through-out the room while simple, is quite sophisticated. 

In order to achieve better dispersion, companies often create omni-directional designs by arranging multiple identical speakers in a horizontal ring to achieve 360-degree output, but unfortunately the interference between the multiple same-frequency acoustic drivers  cannot be completely eliminated, even through complex algorithms. This results in compromised performance, specifically haziness and reduced clarity of the soundstage. 

The 360 Peak, instead, places  an array of frequency specific (one high, one mid, and eight low) speakers vertically, and through precise analysis of the high frequency response, very directional treble output is evenly dispersed to the entire space through a patented ball-cone structure made of aluminum alloy. This creates optimized reflection curves that radiate consistent sound waves throughout the space, avoiding the interference caused by overlapping same frequencies. Breaking through this physical limitation, music can be spread evenly in 360 degrees horizontally +110 degrees vertically. 360 Peak’s faithful sound reproduction allows you (and others throughout the room) to hear details never noticed before. 


Integrated Soundscape Function
(Hear Birds Recorded on the World's 1st Certified "Quiet Trail")


Level 10 invites you to close your eyes together and enjoy a healing and stress-relieving journey. Whether winding down before bed, working remotely, or as part of your yoga or meditation practice, gentle waves or the song of birds recorded in the world's first "certified quiet trail"  (courtesy of renowned nature recordist Laila Fan) can soothe your emotions and let your mind feel the moment. 

Four soundscape functions of are built-in and can be listened to without a connection, and can also be played simultaneously with your favorite music, whether it is an open-air concert surrounded by the soundscape of mountains and bird song, or a classical symphony accompanied by the soothing sound of tides. You can mix and match as you like.


Deep Energizing Bass that Defies Expectation 

The 360 ​​Peak's sophisticated 8-driver bass system incorporates 4 active speakers, in which the internal energy generated when they vibrate is absorbed and reused by 4 passive radiators. Not only does it avoid the mutual cancellation of the audio, but also reduces unnecessary vibration and interference of the system’s enclosure! An additional benefit is that the bass can be enjoyed in your room, while minimizing its transfer to the neighbors downstairs. 

The Devil is in the Details 


Attention to small engineering details are evident throughout the 360 Peak's design and can bring significant benefits.  For example, a small felt absorber was been added just above at the system's unique ball + cone dispersion structure which slows speedy high frequencies to arrive at your ears simultaneously with slower mids and lows. This engineering detail reduces potential "listening fatigue" and is normally only found in significantly pricier speaker systems.   

The 360 Peak's efficient design enhances both sound and battery life


By cleverly combining 2 sets of vertically placed woofers and passive radiators, the 360 ​​Peak is able to push more air into its modest-sized cabinet, significantly improving bass performance.

Also, the passive radiators are powered by moving air in the cabinet, not additional amplification or battery power, the 360 Peak is highly energy-efficient, enabling both a surprisingly rich bass experience in addition to extended battery runtime.

3-way Acoustic Design and Triamplification for Studio-quality Playback


Commonly, portable speakers only use a single type of “full-range” acoustic driver to output all of the audio frequencies, but the results are prone to thin bass, while high treble is not reproduced cleanly and clearly.

360 Peak is a three-way sound system, equipped with independent treble, midrange and two sets of woofers, each powered by individual amplifiers and optimally performing its own duties  integrating full-range balance. The three-way design brings full and stable low frequency and clear and transparent treble for faithful detailed reproduction regardless of your listening preferences.

Hear with your whole body!

Although the human ear cannot hear treble frequencies above 20kHz, the body can perceive the harmonics (or vibrations). The ultra-high frequency of 40kHz can enrich the reproduction timbre and give the treble more layers. The faithful presentation of the original sound brings an immersive sense of space. 


Detail beyond CD quality

Supporting 24bit/192kHz high-resolution sound quality and with 30W x 4 amplification, 360 Peak provides  studio-quality listening at home. The three-way monophonic design brings full and stable low frequency and clear and transparent treble for faithful detailed reproduction, regardless of your listening preferences.

A Truly Portable Immersive Listening Experience

360 Peak and its immersive listening experience go where you and your friends go... from kitchen to living room, outdoors to your deck or even camping. Compact and easy-to-carry, plug it in to power or enjoy up to 10 hours of battery life without a recharge, for beautiful music in every moment.


Successor to the Award-winning UPstage360

Level 10 launched its first product, the UPstage360 audio in 2018,  raising over $149,000 worldwide, while winning  wide acclaim at home and abroad.  This year, it was selected for Taiwan's coveted  Golden Peak Award.

More convenient operation and more stable connection

A newly engineered control dial allows you to simply adjust the volume level.  With Bluetooth 5.0,  antenna efficiency has been improved by 50%, providing extremely stable connection quality.   Utilizing Bluetooth now also adds +3 decibels higher output. Two 360 Peaks may be connect to each other for an easy discrete stereo experience, and multiple devices can also synchronize audio playback.  

volume control plant.gif
Enjoy music anytime, anywhere... without power

The hidden handle design saves space for easier storage, and 360 Peak's internal rechargeable battery has been upgraded to 2,900 mAh,  providing an average of 8 hours battery life.   Even when you are outdoors, you can enjoy music to the fullest. 

Engineered by Soundmatters…

  the Heritage of Greatness Continues

The 360 Peak was fully engineered by Soundmatters International, renowned world-wide for creating acoustic miracles from very small packages, was founded in 1998 by Dr. Godehard Guenther, legendary loudspeaker designer and former NASA scientist. One Soundmatters speaker design sold over 4 million units. Today, his closest protege, acoustic engineer and accomplished musician Emma Yu, continues his legacy of innovation.

Comments about Soundmatters products from a few places you may be familiar with:

“still astonished at the full and excellently realized sound coming at me”

                                                                                                              - Henry Rollins, CNN Tech                                                                                                                               

       “The audio and quality are eye-brow raising”  - New York Times

       Top Ten Gadget of the Year (along with the iPhone)  - TIME Magazine

       “Delivers home-theater thrills in a supercompact design” - CNET

Technical and Service Support

Answers to your product or user questions can be answered by contacting Soundmatters at 1.805.755.5596.   For help with service or warranty issues, contact our national service partner MISCO SPEAKERS (Founded as the Minneapolis Speaker Reconing Company, and family owned in Minnesota since 1949).

Product Specifications

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